A reason.

Because even though life at times can suck; fighting to do that one thing better each damn day is our choice our way to rail at the gods and tell them we are strong, we will fight and we will win! Continue reading A reason.



I wonder at times at the descisions we make and how we come to make them. I have at times made alternately good and not so good choices in life. Occassionally hurting the ones I care about the most without intending to. I have heard it said that the road to hell is paved with … Continue reading CHOICES


I wish you were here to see the beauty of this frozen landscape The mist shrouded land exists in muted shades of black and white. Ice cascades from snow dusted cliffs as waterfalls frozen in time. The earth at sleep gathers her energy in preparation of spring’s birth. It is a time of rest and … Continue reading Winter

The Rules

1: Be bold in life it’s the only shot you’ll get 2: Do one thing today better than you did yesterday. 3. Be in the moment, it will never be the same again don’t miss it. 4. Meet everyone with an open mind and heart you might learn something. 5. Defend those who cannot defend … Continue reading The Rules

A Life Time Ago…

During the summer of 1987 my sister had taken to disappearing over the weekends. At first I didn’t notice I was fifteen and had other things in my life more important than the comming and going of my older sister. I’m not sure when I noticed her comming in sunday afternoons exhausted and smelling of … Continue reading A Life Time Ago…